Meet the woman behind the name...

I was born in Havana [hence the company name, Caribbean Dreams] just before the revolution and emigrated to the US with my family to settle in Philadelphia before moving to South Jersey.

I recently took up a crochet hook after a twenty plus year hiatus and have fallen in love all over again with working with yarn. Where will this take me? I don't quite know yet but stay tuned to see new pieces and designs.

While I'd played with jewelry design for years, it wasn't until 2007, with the proverbial writing on the wall glowing neon for my day job in banking, that I actually put my dreams into the realm of reality. At that time, most of my work was with wire but I soon branched out into stone work [now done only on a by request basis], chain maille, metal clay and resin.

I received my PMC certification from Rio Grande in 2008. My metal clay work has expanded as well and I now work with Bronze and Copper Clays as well as PMC, which is fine silver. When it comes to metal clay, "If you can draw it, I can make it!"


Cherry Hill, NJ, USA

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